• S16R-PTA2
  • 2100KVA
  • Product description: Powered by MITSUBISHI | 400V, 1500RPM, 50Hz

Standby Power(50Hz) 1520KW /1900KVA  Prime Power(50Hz) 1392KW /1740KVA

General Features: Engine Mitsubishi  S16R-PTA2 , Radiator 40OC max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard 24V charge alternator Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H Absorber Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pre-filter, coolant filter Main line circuit breaker Standard control panel Two12V batteries, rack and cable Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, flange, muffler User manual

Voltage HZ Phase COS



Prime Ratings
254/440 50 3 0.8 2755 1680/2100 1520/1900
240/415 50 3 0.8 2921 1680/2100 1520/1900
230/400 50 3 0.8 3031 1680/2100 1520/1900
220/380 50 3 0.8 3190 1680/2100 1520/1900

Prime Power (PRP): Prime power is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load

application, in accordance with GB/T2820(eqv ISO8528); A 10% overload capability is available for a period of
1 hour within a 12-hour period of operation.
Standby Power Rating (ESP): The standby power rating is applicable for supplying emergency power for the
duration of a utility power interruption. No overload, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is
available at this rating.

Sales Promises FKSPower provides a full line of brand new and high quality products. Each and every unit is strictly factory tested. Warranty is according to our standard conditions: a, 15 months, counted on the day FKSPOWER sold to the first buyer; b, One year after installation; c, 1000 running hours (accumulated); subject to the earlier one. Service and parts are available from FKSPower or distributors in your location.

Manufacturer / Model: Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2-C
Air Intake System: Turbo, Water/Air Cooling
Fuel System: Mitsubishi PS6
Cylinder Arrangement: 16 in "V"
Displacement: 65.37L
Bore and Stroke: 170×180(mm)
Compression Ratio: 13.5
Rated RPM: 1500rpm
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM: 1760KW/2360HP
Governor Type: Electronic
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow: 415m3/min
Exhaust Temperature: 520℃
Max Back Pressure: 5.8kPa
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction: 6.1kPa
Burning Capacity: 157m3/min
Air Flow: 2100m3/min
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load: 216g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load: N/A
50%(Prime Power) Load: N/A
100%(Prime Power) Load: 416L/h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity: 230
Oil Consumption: ≤4g/kwh
Engine Oil Tank Capacity: 140~200L
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM: 490-640kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity: 360L
Thermostat: 71-85℃
Max Water Temperature: 98℃

Powered by Mitsubishi

The advanced technology of Mitsubishi engine FKSPOWER - MITSUBISHI series diesel generating sets powered by Mitsubishi turbo charged engine, designed for heavy duty usage. Engine equipped with battery charging system and the equipment selection and comprehensive technical support

Excellent price & performance FKSPOWER - MITSUBISHI series diesel generator set has advantage of MITSUBISHIall volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high output power, etc,

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FKSPOWER - MITSUBISHI series generator set has been widely used in large power plant, mining, Telecom and telecommunications, factories, transportation, bank, hotels and other industries, for various customers with different continuous and standby power supply. FKSPOWER - MITSUBISHI series can enjoy Mitsubishi engine service, maintenance and spare parts supply around the globe.

Powered by MITSUBISHI | 400V, 1500RPM, 50Hz
FKSPOWER Standby Prime MITSUBISHI Engine Dimension mm Dimension mm
Model kVA kVA Model Open Type Soundproof Type
HJ-SM825 825 750 S6R2-PTAA-C 4080*1715*2000 ISO 20'ft GP
HJ-SM1375 1375 1250 S12R-PTA-C 4520*2200*2510 ISO 20'ft GP
HJ-SM1500 1500 1375 S12R-PTA2-C 4520*2200*2510 ISO 20'ft GP
HJ-SM1650 1650 1500 S12R-PTAA2-C 4920*2200*3000 ISO 20'ft GP
HJ-SM1900 1900 1740 S16R-PTA-C 5470*2200*2550 ISO 40'ft HQ
HJ-SM2100 2100 1900 S16R-PTA2-C 5470*2200*2550 ISO 40'ft HQ
HJ-SM2250 2250 2050 S16R-PTAA2-C 5985*2555*2775 ISO 40'ft HQ
HJ-SM2500 2500 2250 S16R2-PTAW-C 5985*2555*2775 ISO 40'ft HQ